Development Projects


Financing and Development

With the integration capabilities of project investment, development and operation, it has further developed a business method different from other solar investment companies. Historical records also prove that we have established a good long-term alliance relationship with local and international partners and can use more than ten years of operating experience to accurately estimate the capital expenditure (CAPEX), operating expenditure (OPEX) and reinvestment of each new project cost.

Asset Management

Development and Assets

We carefully manage each project and provide investment, financing, construction, operation and maintenance services. Aggregate the data from each plant, build a precise, accurate and efficient management system, send the information to an experienced management team through an advanced data sharing platform, and the operation team evaluates the operation efficiency and plans and manages each project.


Operation and Maintenance

We develop a standard operating procedure (SOP) for the operation and maintenance of solar facilities, including on-site inspections, troubleshooting and module cleaning schedules. All workshops are equipped with intelligent inspection and monitoring hardware, which can detect any system failure, allowing GreenRock colleagues to quickly respond to any problems and greatly reduce losses.

國碩旗下禾迅綠電發行日本綠債 創台灣首例...



〈國碩赴日發綠債〉旗下禾迅綠電發65億元日幣綠債 為台灣在日發綠債首例


〈國碩赴日發綠債〉旗下禾迅綠電發65億元日幣綠債 為台灣在日發綠債首例

碩禾集團處分日本2座電廠 獲利進帳1.18億元


禾迅綠電-台場首例 碩禾在日發綠債


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Development Projects And Performance

Our team can help at any stage of your project process, from advanced concepts to developing a complete plan